How Do We Socialize?

Socializing is in our nature. While the very basics of how we interact such as handshaking are both widespread and ages old, the specifics has always been in flux. Social occasions that our interactions revolve around, change across different ages and cultures.

Perhaps the more radical changes are to do with the medium of our social interactions. The advent of the world wide web and mobile devices has given us tools that allow us to communicate in ways we could only imagine. The trend has been to increase the amount of people we can interact with.

Socialeyes is our take on how people could interact today. Our focus is to help our users socialize with their friends in real life rather than a horde of acquaintances online. We want our users to shake hands.

Socialeyes helps people share what they are in the mood for, so that they could meet on the fly.

We have gathered some information directly from our database to see how do people use Socialeyes to meet up;

Most social day of week

Of course it’s Saturday! Are we surprised? No! Saturday and Sunday are given as weekend in all working societies. As a result %53 of the social gathering requests made in weekends. Wednesday is the most social working day in a week. I guess we get a little bit overwhelmed with work and school in the middle of the week, we would like to meet with our beloved ones.

Most social hours of the day

Mostly we love to get together when the sun is at the top. %26 of the meeting requests are posted between 11:00AM to 01:00PM. When we have a lunch break at the office or a little bit time between the classes in the school all we can think of is meeting with friends. The socializing requests continue with lowering percentages until 09:00PM.

Most popular social activities

For certain, we most love to grab a coffee, chilling with friends with a little bit chit chat. Approximately, %38 of the socializing requests are drinking coffee, chatting and chilling with friends. We can clearly see listening to music is one of the indispensable activities of all the time with %13.5 ratio. (I was listening to while I am writing this blog post.)

Most social areas of the world

Socialeyes is used in United States by far the most with nearly %60 usage. The Middle East and Asia comes the second. Europe, Africa and South America are in the bottom of the list with least usage, whether these continents need no socializing tool or no social at all. Come on! give Socialeyes a shot, we aim to make you meet with your friends easily.

Here we have prepared an infographic with many more details than described above. Please check it out for more details!