Cannot Concentrate on Anything!

Sounds familiar? Well this is the case for most of us. If you have a job that requires you to spend hours in front of your computer, this is most likely to be the case for you too. You will start your day, determined to finish most of your tasks. In a couple of hours or so, you will realize that your to-do list is still piling up! But how did this happen? You spent hours in front of your computer.

This is probably the disease of our generation. Call it ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or call it whatever you want to call. In today’s digital social media age, the chances you will be distracted while doing anything is significantly high. This is probably why most of the creative workers prefer working at night rather than daylight. You start your day with a clean desktop and sometime in the afternoon you find yourself literally lost among bunch of opened up browsers, apps, paperwork etc.

Generation Y by nature gets bored easily. Adding this to the list makes it even worse for anyone of us to concentrate on our tasks and get it done although we spend hours. If you want to keep concentrated, the main trick is to take control of your tiny distractions and only delay them for your next time out. So how to avoid being distracted and get jobs done fast? Here are a couple of tricks that can help you.

3 Tabs or 3 Windows Rule

Never ever have more than 3 tabs open in your Internet browser. Internet surfing can be tricky after sometime. Opening up a new window or tab can lead you to a jungle of new content at the end of which you will not even remember why you opened the other tabs at the first place.

Phone Notification Rule

Do not let your phone take control of you. You take control of your phone. A push notification can wait for your next pause. If you let each notification get to you then you will end up losing focus every time.

Have your holy 30 mins break every day

No matter how busy your day is, remember to spend half an hour to yourself every day. Whether this can be reading a book, or watching your favorite TV show, simply close your doors to the rest of the world, avoid talking to anyone, turn off your phone, and do whatever that is you like on your spare times. You can think of these concentration cycles as a therapy to educate your brain to work in a more focused way.

Always log out after your Social Media session

God knows how many times we opened up Facebook for looking at a specific thing and ended up being lost. Your Facebook breaks are fun and necessary in a way. But it is critical to log out at the end of each session so that you do not let Facebook take control of you, but rather you take control of Facebook.

Keep your TV off

This is no brainer, if there are other random voices playing in the background, the chances you will finish your job is less. Shut it off.

Listen to Music

Listening to your favorite tunes can be a good choice to keep yourself focused. Be careful with 3 details though. The music should not be very loud, you should not be changing tracks each time the music stops and you should not be disturbing the people around you.

Now that you have finished reading this article, you can close this distraction tab and get back to work. C’mon chop chop! What are your thoughts on concentration problems, write to us: support [at] socialeyespp dot com Or tweet us: @socialeyesapp #eyesapp