Hey Facebook! This Is What We Want

There are times when being on Facebook is a painful experience. We spend about 30 mins daily on average on Facebook. I am pretty sure there have been times when you got tired of browsing only because of some small details that should have been different to make your experience a better one. I feel that if Facebook made some minor changes in its App/Web Page, it would be a beter experience for the user.

Here are some of the main ones:

  • Just show me the most recent posts

  • When a friend makes a comment about a post, this should not bring the post to the top of the feed again. Just bring me the most recent ones. I am not interested in the same post that I saw 3 hours ago. This is only okay if someone has mentioned me.

  • I do not care if someone has liked another post. Seeing other people liked someone else’s post prevents me from liking more stuff on Facebook. If you are an Instagram and Facebook user at the same time, you can see the clearest proof of this. Simply post the same photo to both of your accounts simultaneously. Although you have more friends on Facebook the likes you will receive on Instagram will be more than Facebook. I guarantee.

  • You should do a better job with notifications. The goal is to keep connected. Let me know when someone has commented on my post or liked my things etc.

  • For God’s sake put an end to this Facebook Messenger bu…hit. If I want to use a different app to text to my friends I have Whatsapp! (Remember the time you paid $19,000,000,000?) Stop forcing me to leave the app.

  • Facebook is not good enough for my face-to-face socializing needs. Try to come up with better product/app so that people do not only socialize virtually but also get out and meet in real life. Pay attention to startups like Socialeyes that concentrate on these sorts of problems. See them as a potential target for acquiring and making a better product.

  • Make your privacy settings easier. It is really painful to figure out each one of them and change them.

  • I may not want to be tagged in a photo. Get my permission first. Although you offer this feature, when a friend tags me, it appears on everyone’s news feed anyway. Come up with a better privacy feature to solve this problem.

Enough criticism. Special thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for the whole ALS ice bucket thing. If it wasn’t for him, this movement may not have reached to so many people around the world. Good job Mark!