Let Life Surprise You! Predictability Is Becoming Obsolete

This week was special for many people and hopefully for you as well. Not because you got excited of news about “Tinder Plus. This other moment, when you thought “Wow, I didn’t expect that to happen. It should happen way more often!”

There are more of this moments than we tend to realize. Sometimes it just needs a little reminder.

Somehow you found your way to this blog. Maybe on purpose or maybe by accident. No matter how, it seems like you are as passionate about people, socializing and technology as we are.

Technology has become a great tool for those, who love people. There are many new ways for those who are passionate about getting in touch with new spirits. Anyway it is hard to substitute the energy you feel when you get in touch with people.

Sometimes the way we are using technology is drifting away from the original purpose. Everyone knows the point when you start realizing that some of your routines shifted from supporting real life encounters to using technology for its own sake.

Instead of enjoying the thrill of possible rejection, we use technology to find a match before meeting.

Instead of planing a trip, we use technology to find the quickest route.

Instead of looking forward to meetings, we use technology to optimize our schedule.

The most beautiful moments of socializing don’t happen on purpose.

It’s this moment when you’ve been heavily procrastinating to call an old friend and just stumble into him at the small café you haven’t been to for a year.

It’s this moment when you meet a business partner at a concert and discover that both of you fell in love with the same punk band twenty years ago.

It’s this moment when you start talking to a stranger in a hostel and end up spending a whole weekend together discovering a new city.

Those are the moments when you start realizing that it’s not always about optimizing your day. Often it’s the spontaneous encounters that bring more value to your life.

Now ask yourself two questions: “Was there a moment this week, I hope to remember in the future? Did this moment happen exactly the way I pictured it last week?”

It’s time to put the spotlight on people again and let technology help you encounter more of those spontaneous moments. Reflect about this topic on your preferred channel with the hashtag #liveisspontan (no feeds yet, can be our thing) and get in touch with us to create more of this moments together.