Don’t Do These Mistakes on Your LinkedIn Profile

Your job. One of the most important things in your life. Some of us spend more time on our jobs than for ourselves. That is why a good job can change your life for better.

We as team Socialeyes, started to look for candidates who will join our marketing team. And boy, we have seen some details that we have never paid attention to before. Here are some important details to look at on your LinkedIn profile that can turn a “no” to a “yes”.

  • Profile picture: If you do not have a profile picture, you will not be hired. That is for sure. Be careful with the picture you put up there. Remember this is LinkedIn, not Instagram or Facebook. People want to see your face, what you look like, if you seem like a nice person etc. A good smile is always a plus. It could give the message to the recruiter, “I would like to work with this guy”. Do not over-smile though.
  • Be reachable: How will the person contact you? With email? With phone? Fill in the contact part on your profile. Make sure you indicate an email address.
  • Self-Marketing: In this ad, we are looking for a Growth Hacker / Digital Marketing Manager. Some of the applicants are not even aware of the fact that their first project starts with marketing themselves to the recruiter. Please take another look at your profile when it is finished and ask this question to yourself “would I hire this person?”.
  • Be concise: Keep in mind that the average time a recruiter takes for an application is in seconds! Make sure you do not give too much detail, but just enough detail, so that the person would like to have an interview with you. Keep it to the point and avoid too long explanations in your past experiences.
  • Attach a resume: It is always handy to have a resume in hand. The recruiters can file them and look at it when the time comes.

Cover letter, or in other approach, why you want this job really changes things. If you want this job, make the person know why this should be you, be different. If there are other details you look at please share with us, we’ll pay attention to those details as well (

And surely let us know if you want to be a part of our amazing team.