This Is How Socialeyes Has Effected Our Social Life Within Two Weeks

It’s been two amazing weeks now since we launched.

During this time we had some really exciting experiences with our app. We want to share them with you, to show you how Socialeyes can effect your daily social life.

If you had some great experiences as well please let us know. You can use the Comments or send a mail to

Can (@can) and one of his activities on Socialeyes

Last week I got out of a meeting. I was really hungry and in a rush. I just wanted to grab some food and not make a great deal of it. Anyway I posted an eating mood because it can be done so quickly. Within 3 minutes a friend texted me about grabbing a bite together and we met casually.

Even though Socialeyes has given me lots of opportunities like this, I was impressed how fast I found a friend to join me. Instead of grabbing a quick sandwich on my own I had the chance to see a friend, even though I had missed to meet him for a long time.

Ugur (@Ugur) and one of his activities on Socialeyes

Last week my cousin who lives in a different city was in town for a short visit. It happened that he was close to me. Both of us were in an area we don’t visit frequently.

He saw my last post and asked me to meet for a coffee. Later he told me, that he didn’t ask me before traveling because he had a tight schedule for the visit and thought it was impossible to meet. Somehow reacting to my mood post felt more relaxed to him and gave him the freedom to see me without worrying about his duties.

Even though we had grown up together the urge to schedule life almost made me miss to share my experiences within launching week with him in person. It was exciting for both of us to feel the beauty of this spontaneous encounter.

Erdem (@erdem) and one of his activities on Socialeyes

During our launch week we were really busy and it felt like it was impossible to see any humans apart from our team. I posted an activity (it was not even about food) just to test a feature and it was close to lunchtime. A friend of mine, who is part of the community, happened to be working nearby and received a notification. He messaged me that he was going out for lunch and that I could join him.

I realized that his workplace was so close and wondered how often we missed the chance to eat together.

David (@lippi) and his activities on Socialeyes

A month ago I wandered around İstiklal Avenue to find a good place for a midnight snack.

I ran into a guy from my University. We knew each other since some days only, but after some chit chat I Invited him to have breakfast at my rooftop the next day with some friends. A bit later he invited me to watch a Movie with some of his friends. I was surprised that friends of mine which he had met at the rooftop joined the activity without me inviting them. At the end of our Launch day I felt still energized but in need to relax. Fortunately this friend posted about another movie night on Socialeyes.

This was the first activity I joined after our release. I am looking forward to experience more of these spontaneous activities, now that our community is growing rapidly.

Levent (@leventaskan) and his activities on Socialeyes

When we launched Socialeyes I came home one day and felt the need to relax a bit while playing some console games.

Usually I prefer to play those games with company, this time I didn’t… Wondering if I can invite one of my friends via Socialeyes, I posted a mood with the comment “anyone wants to join me for a quick game”.

Fortunately one of my friends who also had a long day was in my area at this time. He was tired as well but liked the idea of having just a quick competition with me before ending the day. 

Later he told me that reacting to my mood post somehow it remembered of the time we had during our childhood. Those days when you felt free to just visited friends without appointment and asked if they can come out and play.